Boldenone 300mg - GenTech
Boldenone 300mg - GenTech
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Details: Boldenone 300mg by GenTech contents 10ml vial

Boldenone (Boldenone Undecyclenate or Equipoise or EQ) is a testosterone derived anabolic androgenic steroid. Its proposed rate of aromatization is at about 50% the rate of testosterone, which should make it a fairly estrogenic drug, prone to causing estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention, especially at higher dosages.

Boldenone is a generally well tolerated anabolic steroid that presents notable anabolic activity in most users in a clean and even fashion. It is also use for promoting increases in strength and very beneficial to an off season mass plan.

Boldenone can also be used as a cutting steroid. It is an excellent protectant of lean muscle mass. In order to lose body fat, you must have to burn more calories than you consume, you must be in a caloric deficit and this will hold true with or without anabolic steroid use.

Boldenone is generally recognized as a very potent muscle builder. It increase lean muscle mass, strength and the ability to keep longer and harder.

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