Tri-Tren 150mg - GenTech
Tri-Tren 150mg - GenTech
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Details: Tri-Tren 150mg by GenTech contents 10ml vial

Tri-Tren (Tri-Trenabol) is an injectable steroid. It is an extremely powerful Trenbolone blend containing three active Trenbolone compounds mixed together in a single unit. It is to be identical to all single ester Trenbolone compounds on a functional basis.

Tri-Trenabol contains the hormone trenbolone in a blend of three different esters. This combination of esters makes it possible to see results very early on in cycle, due to the acetate ester. The other two slower acting esters then enable results to stabilize over the duration of cycle.

Since, it has an anabolic rating of 500, so this is a powerful fat burning aid and lots of bodybuilders actually claim that the body will still drop bodyfat very quickly, even when one's diet is not very clean.

Tri-Tren is both highly androgenic and anabolic. It is chemically unable to aromatize and therefore produces no estrogen buildup. Due to its high androgenic properties, it produce very hard and defined muscle.

Athletes and Bodybuilders using this product typically use a dosage schedule of every other day to help keep consistent blood levels. Trenbolone is the most powerful overall steroid in use by bodybuilders today.

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